Refund Policy

Z-ATECH expects your confidence in our work. We ask you to read this Refund policy carefully before placing an order because it defines your rights with respect to the services you receive.

You can request a refund for the initial payment for the trial period or renewal payment within 14 days after the charge by contacting our Support Team. 

We guarantee to our user’s the right for a refund, in case if provided services are not of satisfactory quality as it was described.

We want you to be sure that your rights are under our high-grade and reliable protection while you are using the services of Z-ATECH. And each refund request is processed with our absolute care and effort.

The customer who has paid for the services of Z-ATECH, has the possibility to get a refund according to the rules that have written below.

Z-ATECH takes responsibility for doing all our best to support the customers if any disputes about refund request appear.

This Refund Policy is related to the payments for Z-ATECH services and also to the customers’ funds.


The Customer can ask for a refund or receive any other assistance regarding Z-ATECH purchases via or by phone which can be found on the website.

The Customer should specify the subject of his email letter this way: ‘Refund Request’.

The payment method of the refund should be the same that was used by the Customer originally.

The refund amount should be not more than the amount of transaction.

Z-ATECH has the right to approve only a partial refund if the services were provided to the customer. The amount of the refund is decided according to the reason for the refund request and with complete attention and care.

Refunds can be processed only by the billing agents of Z-ATECH who are responsible for that.


Z-ATECH contacts the Customer to ask for the additional information (if it is needed) during fourteen days from the day when refund request was submitted. And the requested information must be sent within fourteen days after that.

It takes time to make a final resolution connecting to a refund, and after making it, it is sent to the Customer by mail:

  • within five days after receiving the last requested additional information;
  • within five days after receiving the refund request if no information is requested.
  • In separate cases, we can proceed with a refund without the customer’s acceptance.

If the refund was confirmed, Z-ATECH processes it within ten business days from that particular day without any delays.

Refund cannot be approved if:

The refund timeframe was missed;

The Customer declined the request of sending necessary information to Z-ATECH.


It is expected that the Customer would contact service provider to find a solution to any problem related to the transactions on his bank account before requesting a chargeback.

In case the Customer submits a chargeback, Z-ATECH conducts an investigation and has a right to ask for additional information from the issuing bank.

If the chargeback was submitted, the Customer has no possibility to get a refund.

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